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So long and thanks for all the bugs!


This post was originally published on REI’s engineering blog

A really beautiful MS paint drawing of a gravestone in a grass field. The gravestone reads, R.I.P. I.E.

Paying tribute to a storied browser through the art of haiku.

With Microsoft finally ending support for Internet Explorer, some of our engineers spent a Friday afternoon crafting poetry and reminiscing on the browser’s 27-year legacy.

Ice Cube would be proud

Internet of old
I cannot render this page
Goodbye Felicia

— Jason G., Solutions Architect

A lesson in hubris and overconfidence

Exploring the web
But surfed too close to the sun
Bugs all the way down

— Ben Griffin (that’s me!), Sr. Software Engineer

Remember having a dedicated “Internet Explorer PC” though?

You thought you were done
Browserstack said you weren’t
Booting Safari

— Kurt M., Sr. Software Engineer

We all know the feeling…

…as we scroll down to the browser support table. “Maybe this time will be different” we say, but that red rectangle never changes hue.

Caniuse anything?
Not while IE 11 needs support
I won’t miss you, friend

— Harmony H., Principal Software Engineer

What a feeling to
ignore the IE column
when at caniuse

— Jake R., Software Engineer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a boss or a client who would ONLY use IE6


Client says it’s broke
Sigh, what browser do they have
More conditionals

— Ben Griffin, Sr. Software Engineer

Death: “It’s time to go”

IE: “Was I a good browser?” Death: “The very best … at downloading other browsers”

From the early days
You were there, loading, crashing
Just go download Chrome

— Eric J., Sr. Software Engineer

A name is a kind of ID, don’t you think?

I need this dom node
Thats not what I need

— Kurt M., Sr. Software Engineer

Scene: Friday 4pm

Dev: “Finally got that layout all figured out for the launch on Monday! Let me just check it in IE annnnnd … OH GOD NO”

Did you check IE?
No words have stolen more joy
At the end of day — Kenji C., Sr. Software Engineer

This one definitely got the most Keanu-whoa-face emoji reactions

Lost explorer hums
Eleventh sired, continues
hidden, on the edge

— Eric G., Sr. Software Engineer

Clear both?

whole generation
of new web developers
what is a clearfix?

— Zachary C., Lead Software Engineer

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go” – Oscar Wilde

A really beautiful MS paint drawing of a bug crawling on an internet explorer logo